s-noni wild orchard
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【S-NONI Company Profile】

The Conscience Industry
Food industry is a conscience industry,especially health food industry,it services people who want to regain health.Even stricter food hygiene laws can't suppress human greed,even severer punishments will not deter a desperate speculator.But only conscience is the fundamental of the food industry. Kind-hearted quality will go further
With「Kind-hearted quality will go further」as the core foundation of the company,S-NONI uses「kindness,good will,good deed」as the supreme guiding principle of team operation.The idea is beginning to affect the behavior,no good will or evil thoughts,if no kindness,sales service will not be well done.Good deeds are the process of kindness and good will.We require our team not to talk big,not to say beautiful words,but to tell the truth,feel the friends with kindness,care about the customers with good will,and service people with good deeds.

Good people are not lonely, good products will not be left out.
S-NONI has 10 years of sales experience in China.Quality speaks for itself.98% of the customers that used S-NONI products,will not go to choose other brands of noni products,that’s the best regard to S-NONI’S insistence on quality.True gold does not fear fire.Good products can be tested.Because of excellent quality, the products can withstand the test,S-NONI has promised for 10 years that:we accept the return of S-NONI noni enzyme anytime for any reason,even if it has expired,as long as the packing is in good condition,and the returned party will bear the freight.Few companies dare to make such promises.

Feel for others.Do as you would be done by.
Kindness,good will,true heart and sincerity can be perceived.As a customer,you can rest assured of using S-NONI products. As a partnership agent,S-NONI’S perfect plan made by your position is a health industry worthy of all your life time and all your energy.

S-NONI Itself Fermentation Technology Patent

Invention Content:
This invention provides a method for [Noni itself fermentation].The whole process is divided into three steps of fermentation without adding other things,keeping the raw ingredients of Noni fruit not destroyed,avoiding the risk of food additives.And it can also make the fermentation adequate,making metabolism of the rich nutrients contained in noni fruits more completely.
The technical solution is as follow:Ripe noni fruit→select→wash—dry→bake→the whole fruit into the bucket→1st step of fermentation→2nd step of fermentation,squeeze→filtrate→raw material of noni enzyme→3rd step of fermentation→sterilize→filling→press the cap→knock bottles down→test→spray→date-printed→labeling→shrink package→packing→check→end products→third party inspection
The invention has at least the following technical effects or advantages:
Add no additives except noni fruit.So it’s 100% pure noni enzyme.
Using the technology of whole fruit fermentation,avoid the pollution caused by beater.Three steps of itself fermentation,avoid the ingredients of noni fruit destroyed by the high temperature in the production process.S-NONI’s pure noni enzyme made from three steps of itself fermentation,has strong antibacterial ability because of its active ingredients.In addition there is no step of [End fermentation] ,so before filling into products,the S-NONI’s noni leaven still maintains a viable state,it can kill most of the harmful bacteria,the autofermentation is continued.It can be stored for a long time in normal temperature,the longer the more mellow.
The sterilization is done by pasteurization with 87 degrees/3 seconds when filling. It can avoid the original ingredients of noni fruit destroyed once again by high temperature and long time sterilization in the filling process.In addition,the original active ingredients and safety of noni enzyme can be retained as much as possible.
The normal sterilization methods of 102~115 degrees/30~50 seconds may already completely kill the active ingredients of noni enzyme.The boiler sterilization also completely destroy the active ingredients of noni with high temperature above 115 degrees.

The other brands of fermentation method